Because your dog deserves the best care,
this is the grooming salon you've been looking for.
We know that your dogs are more than just pets.
They are members of the family.
We treat your pups as we treat our own pups,
with love and kindness.
Grooming doesn't have to be a stressful experience.

We LOVE dogs! Just ask our girls!

We love our girls so much, we thought, "What could be more enjoyable than being in the company of pups all day?" and so Fluffy Pups was born. What this means to you though, is that we know many pups find grooming to be scary and stressful, and we do everything we can to make the visit with us enjoyable.

Scheduled Appointments = No Crating!

Unless you are dropping off early or picking up late, your pup will have minimal (if any!) crate time. We know that many dogs find crating to be stressful when outside of their own home, which is why your pup will be groomed from start to finish, with no annoying "time outs" in the crate. The only other exceptions to crating would be if you have a senior pup who needs a few breaks throughout the process, or if your pup does not enjoy being blown dry and/or requires air-drying.

No Hidden Back Rooms!

You have full view of the grooming - bathing, drying, grooming. There are no hidden back rooms where your dog is ever out of sight during the grooming. Feel free to watch your pup. We may need to face your pup away from you so that he or she can't see you (because you are the most exciting person in the world) but you'll be able to see your pup.

We are located at: 2054 Goshen Turnpike, Middletown, NY

This is right at the intersection of Route 211 and Goshen Turnpike (Scotchtown Avenue).
We are 2 doors down from Casa Mia Restaurant.

Give us a call at: (845) 692-7877